Children do what we do

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Denali National Park, Alaska, 2008

We are developing a model Forest Reserve Park at Sigar Highlands where children and adults can re-begin our connections with nature in Greater Cameron Highlands and Ipoh. We need a Forest Reserve Park which is designed with inclusive access for the whole family as well as programmes that educate and inculcate a deep love and respect for nature. Children really need to experience this deep care from young and see their parents getting excited and enthusiastic about being in a natural environment. This will be one of the most precious values and experiences that we can gift to our children.

Let us build this now, and build this right. With true commitment, in every way. The design, the regrowing, the funding, the quality of programmes and the delivery and a community of stewards all working together with conviction.

Through rain or shine, we must keep walking, for greater good and especially, the good earth.


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Limestone Mountains, Greater Ipoh, circa 2008

We really have to ask ourselves: WHAT HAPPENED?
What happened to us to make us stop caring for the earth?
Is this what we really want to leave our children?
Can we look our children in their eyes and say this is as best as we can do as adults, and what, all we can do is ask them to do better in their studies?
Shame on us, indeed. We certainly have lost our plots and our moral authority to role model for our children, unless we do some severe U-turns.

Let’s pick up the courage to do the U-turns. Who has never missed a blindspot before?

Let’s just commit to nurturing back our hearts to tend to earth.

Good Morning, Morning!

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Hawaii, 2001

I woke up this morning with this greeting and have been using it as my mantra for greeting the day every day ever since Jan 1, 2012 because a sudden peace descended on me when I saw the moonglow of Dec 31, 2011 and I understood. I call it a Moon Rainbow, a wonderful ring of colour and hope around the moon, rays that shine into the dark night to bring peace, calm and a warm glow to the heart; a smile.

The forests beckon, and so, The Forest Keepers, was birthed. Seven years of pondering. Seven years. Some say that is a significant cycle. Some say it’s just a number. It feels like a lifetime.

I understood that it is time to act. For a green and natural earth. Every day, a new day. Every morning, a new dawn.

Peng-Ean Khoo
The Forest Keepers

January 18,2012